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The Stevenson Center is dedicated to service.

Peace Corps Fellow and AmeriCorps Member Kendra Shaw
AmeriCorps draws 75,000 people each year in the name of strengthening U.S. communities. One of those AmeriCorps members is Kendra Shaw, a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who is completing her master's degree in political science through the Stevenson Center.  Read more
head shots of nine students
Another academic year has started, and with it the Stevenson Center introduces a new group of Fellows. Although a new group of Fellows with a wealth and variety of experiences arrives every year from across the country, this group is having a semester like no other. Read more
group photo
Peace Corps. For a lot of people, especially those who've already served, it means a lot. I've always heard former volunteers use words like "amazing," "cathartic," and "life-changing" to describe their service abroad. Read more
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