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Financial Package

100% Two-Year Tuition Waiver

Year 1: Graduate assistantships include a full waiver of all tuition charges during that semester and the following summer. Graduate assistants must pay all student, health insurance, and other fees, as do other graduate students at Illinois State University.

Year 2: Students also receive a full tuition waiver during their professional practice experience.

Over a two-year period of participation in the ACED Sequence, tuition waivers are worth up to $32,682.

First Year Internship

Students can work in a variety of positions in their first year. Some positions are on campus teaching or research assistantships which involve work in an academic department either supporting the teaching of a course or supporting a professor in their research pursuits. Off campus interns work with community or campus partner organizations and may be eligible to serve as AmeriCorps members as well. All positions requrire a committment of up to 20 hours per week. All students, regardless of position type, currently receive a stipend of $1,326 per month during the fall and spring semesters.

Professional Practice

In the second year, students engage in a paid professional practice expreince. Fellows receive anschoalrship during their second-year internship in the amount of $2,162 per month (for the 2023-2024 placement cycle).

Out of Pocket Expenses

While tuition is covered by the tuition waiver, costs for student health insurance and student fees are charged to the student. The university's student health insurance plan is rated 'platinum'--the highest level possible--under the Affordable Care Act! Learn more on the Student Health Services website. Fellows who select student health insurance are eligible to have the costs reimbursed for fall and spring semesters (less any applicable taxes).

With or without financial assistance, students are responsible for payment of fees and all other expenses, including books, housing, food, and other typical living expenses. The Financial Aid Office provides estimates of these costs. Applicants are also welcome to ask current and recent students about the relative costs of living in central Illinois and internship placement sites.

For additional financial aid, please contact Illinois State University’s Financial Aid Office.