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Our Global Reach

Community Development Services

Service is part of the fabric of the Stevenson Center. We are committed to putting our talents, resources, and unique strengths to work in our local and global community. Some of the ways we contribute are:

A host giving a presentation.

Host A Fellow

Peace Corps and ACED Fellows connect organizations with special projects, skills, or mission advancement, eager to share their experience and expertise to help achieve goals.

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Students walking in front of the Center of Performing Arts building.

Workforce Development Services

We collaborate with the Illinois Department of Employment Security to offer data-oriented services, including workforce measure development, data integration, economic analysis, and technology support.

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Professor explaing grpahics with data.

Data Collection, Management, and Analysis

The Center manages jail and court data for McLean County and the Illinois Department of Employment Security, offering survey creation, implementation, and analysis services.

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Students working on laptops

Hoon Mok Chung Undergraduate Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be an undergraduate student who is preparing to study abroad in Asia, the Middle East or South America.

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The collection, launched in 2013, is a continuous process, with new students adding their latest research and staff members gradually adding alumni contributions.

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