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Financial Package

Offering a generous financial package to every student, the Stevenson Center is an extraordinary value for development professionals seeking a master’s degree.

Every student receives:

  1. A full tuition waiver.     
  2. A paid graduate assistantship during your first academic year.
  3. A stipend throughout your field experience.

100% Two-Year Tuition Waiver

Year 1:  Graduate assistantships include a full waiver of all tuition charges during that semester and the following summer. Graduate assistants must pay all student, health insurance, and other fees, as do other graduate students at Illinois State University.

Year 2:  Students also receive a full tuition waiver during their professional practice experience (Peace Corps service or Fellowship).

Over a two-year period of participation in the ACED/ACD Sequence, tuition waivers are worth up to $29,133.


Graduate assistants currently receive a stipend of $914-930 per month during the fall and spring semesters only. Graduate assistants work up to 20 hours per week in exchange for these awards. Some assistantships involve work in an academic department while others require work with community or campus partner organizations.

Professional Practice (Fellows and MI Students)

Fellows currently receive a stipend of $1,858 a month during their second-year internship. 

Master’s International students receive the same financial support during Peace Corps service as the other volunteers in their country. These benefits include travel costs to and from the country of service, living and housing expenses while serving overseas, medical and dental coverage, vacation time and allowance, and a readjustment allowance of $7,425 upon completion of service.  Please visit the  Peace Corps website  for more information. 

Out of Pocket Expenses

While tuition is covered by the tuition waiver, costs for student health insurance and student fees are charged to the student. Graduate Assistants with appointments totaling at least 50% during fall or spring are eligible for reimbursement of the Student Insurance fee assessed for that term. The university does not reimburse Graduate Assistants who do not purchase ISU Student Insurance, and there is no reimbursement for insurance for the summer term.

With or without financial assistance, students are responsible for payment of fees and all other expenses, including books, housing, food, and other typical living expenses. The Financial Aid Office provides estimates of these costs. Applicants are also welcome to ask current and recent students about the relative costs of living in central Illinois and internship placement sites. 


For additional financial aid, please contact Illinois State University’s Financial Aid Office.

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