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Peace Corps Master's International Alumni

Kara Harvey

Kara Harvey

Peace Corps Master’s International, 2011 Sociology

During her Peace Corps service in Togo, Kara worked on the Girls’ Education and Empowerment program. In collaboration with another Peace Corps Volunteer, Kara organized the “Take Our Daughters to Work” event, which put sixteen high school girls from the plateau region into contact with professional Togolese women and trained these girls as peer educators for their respective villages. Kara also worked with orphan or vulnerable children by holding weekly awareness-raising sessions on the importance of education, HIV/AIDS prevention, self-esteem building, family planning, and communication skills.

Kara now works as a Domestic Violence Victim Advocate for the United States Marine Corps in San Diego, California. She is responsible for providing immediate support and crisis intervention to victims by evaluating their needs, providing appropriate referrals and resources, safety planning, and advocating for the expressed interest of the victim to all intervening agencies, including military command, law enforcement, medical, and Child Protective Services.

“The Stevenson Center was always there to assist in any way they could at all times throughout the process. Their support made even the hardest days seem bearable and the toughest challenges seem surmountable. I never could have done it without their knowledge, experience, and true devotion to the goals of the program and every single student within it.”

David Becker

Peace Corps Master’s International, 2013 Political Science David Becker

“This program is an amazing opportunity, and I'm extremely fortunate to be a part of it. I can only imagine where my future will take me from here, and it will be in large part thanks to the Stevenson Center and its amazing staff,” notes David Becker. 

During his service in Jordan, David worked at a university where he taught advanced and intermediate conversational English courses, as well as research skills, critical thinking, and debate classes. David’s capstone research examined the effects of accommodating refugees on a host country, specifically correlations of cross-border conflict contagion. He focused on Jordan hosting the Syrian refugee population as a case study for his research.

David began working as a Refugee Officer for US Citizenship and Immigration Services in October 2014. He is responsible for a variety of duties involved in adjudicating applications for refugee resettlement in the United States, such as traveling to various locations all over the world with a team of fellow officers to personally interview refugee applicants and decide their cases.

Michael Hotard

Peace Corps Master’s International, 2009 Applied EconomicsKevin Souza - Peace Corps Master's International, 2008 Applied Economics

While serving in Kazakhstan, Michael worked as an organization and community assistance program volunteer. He assisted at a youth development organization and worked on leadership classes, volunteer service activities, English instruction, business classes, and summer camps. He also assisted the organization in grant writing and information technology.

Currently, Michael works at U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration in Boston. He administers workforce development grants in the New England region and provides technical assistance and compliance oversight to various job training programs and capacity-building grants.

"My year spent studying at the Stevenson Center not only prepared me for my Peace Corps experience, but also my professional career after I returned from Kazakhstan. The faculty in the program always made sure to stress the practical aspects of what we were learning in the classroom. I was also amazed by the support offered by the Stevenson Center staff and truly surprised by how quickly the center felt like a true home away from home."

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