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We take the time to consider your application as a whole. It is critical that you submit a complete application by the application deadline. There is no one component that weighs more heavily than another: being less strong in one area can be balanced out by another. Additionally, your personal statement is an opportunity to address any deficiencies in your application.

Successful applicants take the time to complete each piece of the application. They also ensure the entire package represents who they are as a student and how they envision using a master's degree from our program. 

Required Application Materials

Applicants who submit all materials according to the posted instructions and by the posted deadlines, and whose materials indicate potential for success in their chosen program, will complete a required interview (by phone or in person).

Graduate Application for Admission

Select applied economics/ACED, political science/ACD, or sociology/ACED to indicate the appropriate master’s degree plan and sub-plan. You may NOT apply to more than one program at a time. 

Required attachments include:

  • A current résumé.
  • A two-page statement of purpose.

The statement of purpose should describe why you would like to be in the Master's International Program in your chosen department at Illinois State University. A strong personal statement provides us with a sense of your trajectory as a student and professional. It helps us to understand where you have been and how this master's degree will help you achieve your future goals.

Applications are considered by both your department and the Stevenson Center. We want to understand why a degree in a given discipline is the best choice for you and how you plan to use your degree in the future. What will you gain from your work with your department, the Stevenson Center, and your fellow students, plus your time in the field? How will you contribute? 

  • A sample of academic writing. 

Samples should be at least five pages and reflect your best work as a student. Again, we understand some of our applicants have a significant time period between their last academic experience and application to our program. If you don't have an academic paper, you can choose another piece of work. 

An ideal writing sample is one that you feel best demonstrates your ability to write well, think critically, and handle sources. The writing sample helps demonstrate your readiness to research and to write well at the graduate level. A grant application, project proposal, or professional report could serve this purpose.

  • One official transcript sent to the Illinois State University Graduate Admissions Office directly from all previously attended colleges and universities: 

Graduate Admissions Office 
Illinois State University 
Campus Box 2200 
Normal, IL 61790-2200

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test official scores.

The GRE General Test is required. The GRE Institution Code for Illinois State University is 1319. Be sure to take the GRE in plenty of time for your scores to ARRIVE at Illinois State University BEFORE March 1. You can find more information on the timing of score reporting on the GRE FAQ page.

  • Letters of Recommendation

Applicants must also submit contact information for a minimum of three references. This information can be entered directly into your online application, as well as a personal message if you choose. Your references will each then be contacted by the university to supply a letter of recommendation for you. You should have at least one letter from a former professor, preferably more, but we understand that applicants are often returning to school after a hiatus. Letters from supervisors, project partners, or others who have known you in a setting that is pertinent to your admission to the Stevenson Center are acceptable. You will be able, through the online application portal, to monitor the submission of recommendations, though you will not be able to read the letters.

In the university’s online application system, for the FIRST attachment, click “Attach Here.” As this screen shot shows, for additional attachments use “Click here to add another Supporting Material.”

Graduate Assistantship Application 

You must first complete the Graduate School Application, which will provide you with a University ID number. Your academic department will access your completed Graduate Assistantship Application.

Online Application, Applied Economics, ACED Sequence
Online Application, Political Science, ACD Sequence
Online Application, Sociology, ACED Sequence

Peace Corps Master's International Students Only

Master's International students will complete the Peace Corps application after their arrival on campus. Part of the Peace Corps application allows prospective Volunteers to apply for specific positions in specific countries. Applicants may indicate up to three (3) such Volunteer placements. Admitted Master’s International students with preferences for a particular country/work area need to thoroughly discuss their qualifications with their Peace Corps recruiter. Applicants may also indicate that they are willing to ‘go anywhere, do anything.’ This spirit of willing service is a cornerstone of the Stevenson Center’s mission, and the flexibility inherent in such a mindset is perhaps the most often cited source of success by Returned Volunteers. Stevenson Center Master’s International students are required to make at least one of their three preferences the go anywhere, do anything option. Peace Corps arranges placements that align with our degree programs and individual students' backgrounds.

For more information about Peace Corps requirements for applicants to the Master's International  Program, please see the information on 'How to Apply' on the Peace Corps website.

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