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Peace Corps Master’s International Program at Illinois State University

For those entering the Peace Corps

Effective fall 2016, Peace Corps is ending the Master’s International Program:

  • If you serve with Peace Corps, our Coverdell Fellows Program has similar benefits AND an 11-month paid internship.
  • If you do not serve with Peace Corps, you can still experience an interdisciplinary, applied graduate program with strong financial support through our ACED Fellows Program.

The Peace Corps Master’s International Program at Illinois State University combines graduate study with Peace Corps service to prepare you for an effective career in community and economic development. Illinois State is home to the first Peace Corps Master’s International Programs in Applied Economics and Sociology, and the oldest in Political Science.

Students begin Peace Corps service after one calendar year on campus in our interdisciplinary Master’s program. At the Stevenson Center, MI students share their classroom experience with returned Peace Corps Volunteers and ACED Fellows. The integration of our programs allows MI students to leave for Peace Corps with a rich perspective and a deep stateside support network. 

To qualify, prospective students must meet admissions criteria as well as the requirements established by Peace Corps . Applicants should wait to apply to the Peace Corps until they are admitted to the Master's International Program. Admitted students will confer with Stevenson Center staff on the timing for completing their Peace Corps application. Although admission to the Master’s International Program does not guarantee acceptance into Peace Corps, Peace Corps recognizes that these students have critical skills to meet the needs expressed by host countries. As a Master’s International student, you earn up to 8 semester hours of professional practice credit for Peace Corps service. All aspects of Peace Corps placements are determined solely by Peace Corps.

Learn more about the Peace Corps Master's International Program. See students' research and our latest news!

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